Dr. iur. Silvio Hänsenberger, attorney-at-law and M.A. HSG in law and economics, is a TechLaw Specialist. He advises and conducts research on the legal implications of new technologies. His areas of expertise include liability law, labour law, data protection law, aviation law and corporate law. 


Legal Operations - A global trend is reshaping the legal industry

Legal departments are facing an escalating number of cases, growing risks and increasing complexity, combined with drastic cost pressure. To meet these challenges, more and more companies are building legal operations teams.


What does this development mean for the legal landscape?

Liability for products with learning algorithms

Learning algorithms are able to react to unforeseen situations independently of the direct specifications of the programmer. This poses new challenges for product liability law. The article "Die Haftung für Produkte mit lernfähigen Algorithmen" from Dr. Silvio  

Hänsenberger explains how learning algorithms can be classified under product liability law and shows when manufacturers who use learning algorithms in their products are liable for damages caused by them.

What is TechLaw?

In TechLaw or technical law (at least) two sciences meet: engineering sciences and law. TechLaw is therefore multidisciplinary in nature. The focus on technical processes inevitably gives TechLaw a dynamic character. It is therefore particularly open to new developments, the proper assessment and evaluation of which must first and foremost be carried out by the legislature and the courts.


Technical jurisprudence is primarily responsible for the critical monitoring, systematisation and dogmatic foundation of the found technical developments. In addition, jurisprudence and legal advice are equally called upon to make the risk and design potential of the law derived from the findings available to the actual "actors of technology", namely the companies, so that the latter can avoid company-related legal risks and make better use of company-related opportunities. The service function inherent in (technical) law should be made usable.


The focus on man-made things, on the constant renewal and optimisation of the status quo makes TechLaw a "right of pragmatists", which is why it primarily represents private and commercial law. Interpreted as the right of the producing and marketing business units, it is related to corporate management and corporate law.

(Quoted from: Stefan Müller / Jürgen Ensthaler, Einführung. In: Jürgen Ensthaler / Dagmar Gesmann-Nuissl, Dagmar (Hrsg.): Technikrecht, Berlin 2012, S. 1-2)

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Dr. Silvio Hänsenberger received the following awards​ 

Walther Hug-Preis St. Gallen 2018


Rudolf Mäder-Preis



Schweizerischer Nationalfonds (SNF): Open-Access-Publikationsförderung 2018


Prix d'Excellence 2019 Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Haftpflicht- und Versicherungsrecht

Walther Hug-Preis Schweiz 2019


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